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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Griffin - Home learning

 We have become aware that some of the recently uploaded plans have not arrived where they should have done on the  website.  We are in the process of reloading the plans with amended dates so that the learning progression is maintained.  

Term 5 Learning 

We have delivered English and maths packs to those parents who wanted them. Below is some work and ideas we have put together that link to the work we would have been doing in class.


The afternoon curriculum is provided by a series of weekly plans that are posted below.  The general concept is explained here Home learning guidance and work for Griffins.  This document explains how we are providing the learning material and contains some important advice on keeping your child safe when they work on line.  Please read this before moving on to access the weekly plans.

The individual weekly plans are posted below. They are provided as a guide for you and your child to explore each subject.  Each week builds on the previous week's experience so it would be helpful to follow the plans in order, but if you need to move at a slower pace that's fine.  Remember this is home learning not teaching.  If it stops being enjoyable, take a break.

T5 W3 Wc Mon 27 April 2020

T5 W4 Wc Mon 4 May 2020

T5 W5 Wc Mon 11 May 2020

 T5 W6 Wc Mon 18 May 2020

Term 6 Learning


The afternoon curriculum continues on from last term, although in science we are leaving Life Cycles and moving on to investigate forces.  The home learning guidance for last term remains the same.  The weekly lesson plans are posted below:

T6 W1 Wc Mon 1 June 2020

T6 W2 Wc Mon 8 June 2020

T6 W3 Wc Mon 15 June 2020

T6 W4 Wc Mon 22 June 2020

T6 W5 Wc Mon 29 June 2020

T6 W6 Wc Mon 6 July 2020

T6 W7 Wc Mon 13 July 2020

T6 W8 Wc Mon 20 July 2020

Griffin Learning Archive


My On - this provides online books that are on accelerated reader. Please read daily, remember to do quizzes on Accellerated reader. We can track your progress and we will give out awards.

30 days of reading comprehensions - short activities

Quick questions 1

Quick questions 2

Quick questions 3

Quick questions 4

Summer reading revision tests

 We have been looking at Non-fiction writing and our next genre is a balanced argument. We have done this before when we argued about ageism and whether people over 60 were useful or useless.

 There are lots of resources below that will help you write a balanced argument.

Balanced Argument


Resource 1 example

Resource 2 structure

Resource 3 language 

Resource 4 evaluation

This is a general cross curricular topic you may want to do.




Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling

Spelling activity 1

Spelling activity 2

Spelling activity 3


In maths we have covered almost all of the non-number based work. In preparation for next term here are some arithmetic test, and problem and number based powerpoints. Daily timestables rock stars will really help.

Problem solving and place value

Problem solving and fractions

Arithmetic 1, Arithmetic 2, Arithmetic 3, Arithmetic 4, Arithmetic 5, Arithmetic 6 - Year 6 answers


This terms science is 'evolution and inheritance'. Here is a practical task and research task for you to do.






This term we have been looking at tone and shade. This Powerpoint from Twinkl has a range of ideas on how you can experiment with this.








 This term we have learnt about colours, our family and pets in French.

Colours wordsearch


Family words

Family wordsearch


 Below is a series of activities looking at using maps and map work, have a look around your local area and see what facilities are there.


Activity sheets and answers


 Our values are empathy, perseverance, creativity, honesty, respect and co-operation.

Next term we are looking at empathy and honesty. Here are some resources to start to get you thinking about these.

Empathy - powerpoint, sheets

Honesty - Powerpoint, sheets


Music lesson from Miss M week 1