The Village Academy

The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Elf - Home learning 


60 seconds reads guidance

From a railway- activity card

How to build a snow man - activity card

How to repair a puncture - activity card

Song of the seasons - activity card

Terrible tornadoes - activity card

Terrific Travel - activity card

The London Underground - activity card

The naughty bus - activity card


We are firstly looking at Non- fiction.

Non-fiction space - story map

Non-fiction space - checklist

Non- fiction 'I can' checklist 

Non-fiction Powerpoint

Non-fiction word mat

Story mountain

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

 The first batches of work will be revision of  the work we have been doing in class since February. Powerpoints are included to remind the children.

Expanded noun phrases - Powerpoint

Activity sheet - expanded noun phrases

Capital letters and full stops - Powerpoint

Capital letters and full stops

Functions of sentences - Powerpoint

Functions of sentences sheet


 As with writing we are practicing what we have learnt this term. Activities are focused on 3D shape, fractions and number.

3D shape Powerpoint

3D shapes faces activity sheet

3D shapes label match activity

3D shapes properties

Do these shapes roll?

Days of the week

Months of the year Powerpoint

Months of the year worksheet

Fractions Powerpoint

Halves and quarters sorting activity

One more one less

Number recognition Powerpoint

What can you do in a minute?


Handwriting Powerpoint

Handwriting cursive sounds


 Twinkl interactive phonics game

Phase 5 activity booklet


 Our Art and DT has focused on materials and different ways to join them. Below are some activities you can do which involve following instructions and and creating something.


Super hero

Joining fabrics Powerpoint


The materials theme has also been covered in science.

Matching materials game

Junk jumble recycling game

Materials presentation

Materials word cards

Materials grouping

Describing materials


Following our work on the Great Fire of London and homes, we have been looking at our local community. Here are some activities for you to complete.

My local area

Build a busy town - cut and stick - map and then pictures

Local area word cards

Local area wordsearch


 Our values are empathy, perseverance, creativity, honesty, respect and co-operation.

Next term we are looking at empathy and honesty. Here are some resources to start to get you thinking about these.

Empathy - powerpoint, sheets

Honesty - Powerpoint, sheets